Phase 0+A is where any space project begins: The concept development phase. In this phase, the objectives of the mission are established and the project viability is analysed. All the activities necessary to fulfil the mission are also identified.


In phase B, preliminary studies are carried out, different system concepts that can meet the objectives are proposed and their strength and weakness are evaluated, and the most appropriate ones are selected.


Phase C focuses on the detailed design of all the components of the satellite, all the subsystems work in parallel to develop a system able to meet all the mission objectives established in the earlier phases.


Phase D consist of manufacturing the system according to the final design, verify that the model conforms to the design and conducting the tests (vibrations, thermo-vacuum …) to ensure that the satellite complies with all the standards and can survive the launch.


Launch! Phase E is the operationalphase. In this phase is when the satellite is launched into its target orbit, data is obtained from the sensors and the mission is executed. In CubeSat missions, the duration is usually determined mainly by the orbit of the satellite, which limits the duration between 9 months and 2 years.

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