TIER 4 – Escape velocity

uarx space

UARX Space is a company focused on the development of space vehicles and systems. Since its beginnings, they have participated in different projects and collaborated with different universities at an international level.

Alen Space

Alén Space is a Spanish company in the NewSpace sector, located in Vigo (Galicia), dedicated to the development in all stages, software and hardware, design and construction of small satellites.


The school of aerospace egineering is located in the campus of Ourense, and it´s one of the different centres of the UVigo that colaborates in our project. This recently created grade allows several of our members to get familiar with our field because of the knowledge learned in class.

Centro de Investigación en Tecnologías de Telecomunicación impulsado por la Universidade de Vigo. Asentado en el campus universitario vigués, atlanTTic desarrolla su actividad en el ámbito de la privacidad y la seguridad, las tecnologías multimedia, las redes de datos, los e-servicios, la bioingeniería, el radar, las comunicaciones por satélite y, en general, las comunicaciones radio y ópticas.

The school of telecommunications engineering stands out for its experience in the field of small satellites, and thanks to th its contribution allows us to grow as a project. They have also stood out for their experience in satellite communication system and other developments in fields such as electronics, images or networks.

Through the Social Council, society participates in the University of Vigo by contributing to the development of Galicia, improving the quality of university education and obtaining the necessary resources to guarantee the future of different projects.

TIER 3 – Orbital

Our PCB supplier, with state-of-the-art production capacity following the most sophisticated standards.

One of our most important sponsors is B-Flow, a company dedicated to the development of microfluidic systems that will allow us to control and monitor our biological samples.

Development of material for marketing campaigns and large format banners, taking your brand to any place.


Servermall is a company that offers a large selection of solutions for high performance server operation. Their wide range of products allow our project to have access to the highest level of processing power for the design of our satellites and the operation of our Ground Station, as well as a great maintenance service.

SISCOM is an IT company dedicated to network infrastructures and equipment, hardware and software for the support and work of different companies, institutions and organisations. With it we will equip the support of our GS equipment and other system.

Gradiant is a company that includes vision and knowledge in telecommunication technologies to the processes and products bussiness develop.

Láser Galicia is the reference for laser cutting of sheet metal and tube, bending and welding in the northwest of Spain. This company, equipped with the most advanced technology in the sector, is located in the A Granxa industrial estate in Porriño.

High-precision machining of all levels from aerospace to automotive characterised by its quality and finish.

The Vigo Tecnolóxico Specialisation Campus promotes, from the University of Vigo, the revitalisation of the Euroregion Galicia-North Portugal to turn it into a focus of educational, research and knowledge transfer excellence in the field of engineering.


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