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We are a multidisciplinary team of university students dedicated to the design, assembly and operation of small satellites and space missions within the educational field. Our members are from different engineering fields from the three campuses of the University of Vigo.

This project allows us to put to practice the knowledge and capabilities obtained throughout the university years, acquiring experience in the aerospace sector.

We have the support of our advisors Arno Formella, Fermín Navarro Medina and Fernando Aguado Agelet, who have extensive experience leading and taking part in multiple spacial projects coordinated by ESA and NASA.

In addition, several of our members already have real experience in the sector, having participated in various ESA events, space projects and worked in companies of the sector.


Complementar el conocimiento y las habilidades desarrolladas durante la formación académica con experiencia real en el competitivo sector espacial. Sin embargo, una de las características clave es la transversalidad entre las ingenierías.

Local industry

We want to collaborate in the professional training and formation in Galicia so that companies can have qualified employees with strong development of their engineering competence.


Build an infrastructure for the development of educational projects to integrate within current research lines at the University and even open the possibility of new lines of research on their own or with companies.


Open Little Luminary Observatory (OLLO) fue el proyecto de Cubesat que presentamos en enero de 2020 a la Agencia Espacial Europea. El microsatélite tenía como objetivo ser el primer observatorio espacial lumínico adaptado a un formato 3U (300x100x100mm) y su objetivo principal era la observación de grandes cuerpos celestes tales como galaxias y nebulosas.
Free access to the satellite's target list was proposed to interested people. Anyone from everywhere in the world could propose a target for OLLO and join its waiting list. After the observation, the collected information would be made public for the enjoyment of all the enthusiasts about space.
By choosing as subject stars of considerable size, it is easier to follow them along the OLLO orbit and achieve the long exposure times that these targets, generally not very bright, need.
OLLO was selected by the ESA and four of our members will visit the agency installations in Belgium to attend a Concurrent Engineering Workshop.


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